Zaid Lutfi, born and raised in United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Currently living in New Zealand. Since i was a child i would often find myself confined to one genre or subgenre and sticking to it, slowly i started getting fascinated by different genres from different parts of the world. I decided to pick up a guitar and immediately fell in love with it. Seeked help and lessons which developed my passion of music even more.

I started by playing rock and heavy metal, i found something distinct in them and it felt like a challenge, i worked hard for numerous hours everyday, tried to tackle songs way beyond my capability which made the challenge even more difficult yet exciting. During my years of playing rock and heavymetal i was also influenced by different genres including pop, reggae, flamenco, country and eastern music as well. Which also made me want to discover different kinds of music. I strongly got attached to flamenco, the music, the dance, the style was all very interesting to me. Which led me to decide to compose my own music using the various different styles and genres i've been into, it's something i call pseudoflamenco.

Gear i use


I often get asked about gear i use, so i'm going to write it here!

Electric Guitars : Ibanez J Custom RG 8420ZD,  ESP LTD H1001

Acoustic/ Classical : Ibanez EWC30, Prudencio Saez Model 17.

Amps / Cabinets : Blackstar Series 1 100, Blackstar HT5R, Orange PPC212CB

Pedals : Dunlop Volume pedal, Crybaby 535Q, Ibanez Acoustic Simulator, Ibanez Noise Suppressor, Way Huge Angry Troll Boost, MXR Compressor, Luthier Drive, TC Hall Of Fame Reverb, TC Flashback Delay.

Recording Misc : Steinberg UR22, Shure SM57, MXL R40 , Pair of Rode NT5's, Focusrite Forte, ATHM50x headphones, Mackie Cr3 monitors.




Composed and arranged by Zaid Lutfi

Mixed and mastered by Andy Booth and White Cube Studios

Photography: Angeli Castillo Photography

La Flamenquita: Amalia Chadaideh